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Fast and Responsive

Want to build websites that look beautiful on any and all devices, but also load fast on mobile connections? Then mini.css is the right tool for you! Its tiny size (under 10KB gzipped), along with its responsive grid and modern components ensures that all your users are satisfied and can access your website anytime, anywhere. Bridging the gap between fully-featured frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap and Semantic UI) and micro frameworks (e.g. Milligram and Pure.CSS), mini.css packs a lot of features in a small package, while it relies solely on CSS, meaning you do not have to worry about any conflicts with other Javascript libraries you might be using.

Tailored to Your Needs

Creating a CSS framework that caters to everyone's needs is no easy task, but mini.css manages to rise to the occasion by providing extensive and coherent documentation in combination with templates, examples and semantic HTML5 markup. Modern UX patterns and accessibility guidelines are well-documented and can be used out of the box, using one of the unique flavors that the framework provides. If you still want more, you can create your own custom flavor or tweak an existing one just by opening its CSS file and changing a few custom properties. It's that simple!

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Head over to the documentation to learn how to get started using mini.css, as well as what flavors and components are availble and how to use them to create the website or web app you've always wanted. If you like the framework and want to support it, remember to to star it on Github. It means a lot to us and it only takes a couple of seconds!

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